dedicated to showing and educating humans on holistic approaches to living that don’t hurt your account, involve minimal effort and provide that feeling of serendipity on the daily.

living holistically isn’t a one off purchase of organic fair trade raw vegan chocolate. holistic living is creating minimal harm to the earth, other beings, yourself and those around you. holistic living considers not just diet but mental health, exercise, art, travel, culture, food, diy, finding peace, natural remedies, nature and helping others. it is all encompassing. 

holism is understanding      e  v  e  r  y  t  h  i  n  g . 


what is WHAT? if we understand what is what, we can live more holistically


every action has a reaction. the act of not taking any action, of silence can be the loudest action there is




I live by  :


To be empathetic, to listen, to be kind, to be open and to always have love as my intention, 




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